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Why do they put apostrophes around the words Indigenous Brits?

Right under this article there was this link

Muslim groups are putting their faith in food banks to help tackle poverty | Adam Forrest | Society | The Guardian

Muslims helping their own = good, positive, lovely thing god bless

White people helping their own = disgusting, morally wrong, racist,fascist, neo nazi, KKK, xenophobic, full of hate, backwards

you racist idiot

The Muslim food bank gives food to everyone, regardless of religion or ethnicity, it hands out non halal meat for fuck sake. Read the article you linked to you vile, ignorant bigot

Like many Christians motivated by their faith to help others, giving to the less fortunate is an important tenet of Islam. Voluntary donations and charity work (Sadaqah) among British Muslims have typically been geared towards poverty relief projects overseas. But Sufra organisers say many Muslims now “increasingly feel they have a responsibility to the wider community and the problems here in Britain”.

Sufra and parent charity Al-Mizan (which provides grants of up to £500 to individuals in crisis across the UK) offer support to anyone in need, regardless of religion or ethnic background. Halal and non-halal foods are available: cans of pork sausages are carefully marked out with red stickers.

The Muslim charity gives to all poor people, the BNP just give to white people. You ask why they are called racist? Have a think you fucking muppet

"They say Chicago is violent, but when you close over 50 brown & black schools, that is violence."
Young poet, educator and activist - Malcolm London, Louder Than a Bomb 2014 (via faineemae)

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Not sure who the other women are, but front row centre is Rosario Sánchez Mora, “the dynamiter”, who signed up to fight the fascists aged 17 on the day the war started. She was the only female dynamite specialist in the republican militias and fought in the front lines during the defence of Madrid. She lost her hand in an explosion in the trenches. A single mother, she lived out the rest of her life selling cigarettes on the streets of Madrid in order to provide for her two children. She died in 2008. An amazing woman.

" the opportunity to fight when women didn’t fight. They stayed at home. I lost my hand. It didn’t matter. I was prepared to lose my life."

Rosario Sánchez Mora






More Macklemore, less Robin Thicke.

And yet a huge percentage of Tumblr hates him. Not trying to be confrontational, but could someone please explain to me why this is?

Because he is a straight white guy and Tumblr isn’t always right. 

oh my god if i have to see this post on my dashboard one more time

all right, okay. let’s talk.

last year on a slow day in law/society class, my teacher showed us a movie where charlize theron was one of the only female workers in a mine in minnesota. she experienced a fuckload of sexual harassment, ofc; it was when she started daring to complain about the sexual harassment that shit got really bad.

i remember watching charlize theron go through all these awful things, and i remember getting vaguely invested in her as a heroine; yeah, you go charlize theron, you continue to work despite these harassment and assaults, you stand up for yourself when people shun you in the community, etc

and there was this climactic scene where the miners’ union was having a meeting, and charlize theron was going up to complain about something or tell people she was suing the company or smth, i can’t remember, and she stood there in front of this huge crowd of angry men who were booing her and catcalling her and shouting the worst things at her and she’s getting really miserable

and then her father, who also works at the mine, goes up and says “hey, you’re all jerks, think of your mothers & daughters, would you treat them this way,” and the miners are like “oh wow charlize theron totally does deserve our support etc” and then the movie continues

but all i could think was— what, so they’ll listen to a man but not to the woman who’s actually affected? why doesn’t charlize theron get to save the day and be the hero? in a conversation about sexism, why is his voice more important than hers?

we’re not mad at macklemore. or— well, we are mad at macklemore, but we’re more mad at the system that prioritizes macklemore over actual queer rappers, over actual rappers of color, who have been saying exactly the same shit for decades and been ignored.

we’re mad at the system that gives more attention to straight allies than queer activists.

we’re mad at the system that only supports queer rights when they are quiet and polite and have cute graphics.

we’re mad at the system that makes macklemore a hero of of the queer struggle but doesn’t know marsha p. johnson’s name.

we’re mad at the system that will listen to macklemore when he comes to defend us— but won’t listen to us.

we’re mad at the system that has constructed itself to make damn certain that only straight cis white boys can be heroes.

it’s fuckin’ great that macklemore thought he was gay in third grade. but the system would rather give his third grade gay freakout the spotlight than our actual whole-life queer experiences— and that’s not okay.

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some guy in my uni brought in a george foreman grill…


I wrote this short response to Owen Jones’ article on police abolition in the Guardian. Do give it a read. It is probably slightly longer than most of the Novara Wire articles, but still short. I didn’t go in to the concept of ‘discretion’ applied to police officers, though I think this is essential in understanding the immediate experience of police on the streets. The list of scandals in the penultimate paragraph could be multiplied several times over without much effort; following the major scandals there is often talk of reform, even wholesale reform. What follows from that talk is, however, usually cosmetic.

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